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After School Crafting 

So as some of you know, Angel and I volunteer at the local high school for the after school program. Usually I teach something survival related within the confines of being indoors, no fires and no knives. Well this month we flipped the script and decided to teach a leather craft class. Tonight the kids are going to make a leather bookmark.

We rounded up all the extra leather working tools that we have and added a couple that are not really extra. Now we have completely taken over the science classroom. In a few minutes this will be the loudest room in the school. Nothing like high school kids with hammers. Hahah I love it.

With all the extra tools packed up Angel and I got to work on a few simple patterns, we cut plenty of them out by hand and got a little "crafty" with the examples.

We are offering three different patterns and they can use a variety of methods to decorate their project. We have paints, markers with stencils and of course stamping tools.

We have never run this type of craft class before but we think we planned for every contingency. Hope this works out so we can do it again next month, maybe bracelets. Hmmmm. Gotta go, the bell is about to ring and class is beginning.

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