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Belt Pouch

Made this cool little belt pouch out of a thick piece of veg tanned leather.

I got this design from It is a bomber pouch design and it's even cooler than I expected.

Laying out the pattern on 6 ounce veg tan.

I love using the antique gel to highlight the cosmetic imperfections such as veins, bug bites and scars in leather. This piece has a really cool crackling effect going on.

I used decorative bronze rivets and black thread from Maine thread company.

The belt loops are the one thing that I plan on adjusting with this design. I plan on making them look a touch beefier. Don't get the wrong impression, these loops are made with 6 ounce leather and are certainly strong enough to hold whatever is kept in this pouch, I just think they would be visually more pleasing if they were a bit wider.

Now the lid design is totally badass! It completely covers the top of the pouch and the strap closure Is easy to use and secure. This inside of this pouch is quite larger than I expected, you can fit multiple altoids tins in it or edc items, fire starting kit, small camera, first aid kit, binoculars... you get the idea.

What would you put in this amazing and gorgeous little belt pouch? I am willing to bet that you already have more than a few little treasures that I haven't even thought about.

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