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If you send me this, I will send it back!


About a week ago I received a paper pattern in the mail from my brother from another mother, for a black powder bag for his muzzleloaders.

The pattern came taped together, so there was no guesswork on how he wanted it and he also mailed the tools he wanted incorporated into the design.

After I cut it apart.

Getting a pattern in the mail from a customer is always nerve-wracking, I prefer not to encourage it, cause you never really know if it's going to be a straight up shit show.

This pattern from my brother was well thought out and easy to understand and I was looking forward to making this for him. Unfortunately I mentioned that to him, and he sent even more patterns for me to recreate.... this time just a picture in text.

The man knows what he wants! There is also a horn strap included in this request but I only have measurements for that....he got lazy!🤫

So in-between all the other projects I have going on I've been re-creating all these patterns to be pricise and repeatable. It is an amazing feeling when shit just clicks in your brain, it's been happening alot lately. 😂

Now I'm not saying this bag will go together perfectly and I can almost guarantee there will be mistakes and I will have to make adjustments along the way but its not such a life event anymore.

For some reason, I have the hardest time with the simplest of projects. These are a work in progress.

Even though my brother is very precise and peticular on the design of his bags he is also a very wise man and has given me artistic freedom. His only request is that it's stitched with blue thread.

I have some big plans for this bag, I am building it in my head as I write this. I have cut the main pieces out of vegtanned leather and will start carving on them shortly.

I will come back here and let you know how It's going and show my progress in a few days. As always you can see progress pictures and other things we are doing on Instagram and Facebook @SurvivalHardware.


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