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My shop is in pain 

Howdy friends, we have been busy as all hell lately so I figured I would give you a tune up. We have been getting pummeled with winter storms and snow lately and that kept us very distracted. Drives to town take longer, plowing the drive every day, and dealing with kids sports have all knocked us off the rails. But for some reason we love it. Hahah. Today is warm and the snow has turned to rain so everything is a slushy dreary mess. These distractions have kept us out of the shop for the most part but I am still finding time to get work done on the video series and related computer work. I think my shop is lonely and in emotional pain because we have all but abandoned it for a while. We will be back at the hardcorps wicked tools and crafts very soon but for now go check out the latest videos on my YouTube channel if you want to see the other side of our creative collective. Visit

and tap that subscribe button to get and stay caught up. See you there.

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