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Part 3 Heat treating a knife blade

In this video I will perform the heat treating and grinding of the bevels. I will do this with common shop equipment and without the use of special grinding jigs. If you have wanted to learn how to make knives follow along this series as I take you step by step through the process that I use. I found a piece of Damascus billet in the scrap bin so I am going to turn it into two amazing bushcraft knives they will be of my "woodsman" pattern. Come along as I begin the build and subscribe to see the progress over the next few videos. See the process that I use to turn a quality steel billet into a pair of amazingly functional knives. We are the makers, we are the movers and shakers, so let's get moving. Visit our online store for all manner of leather and steel goods crafted by hand from Angel Babi and Norseman Business mailing address: PO Box 1666 Priest River, Idaho 83856 MY BACKSTORY: CONNECT WITH ME ON OTHER SOCIAL PLATFORMS: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pintrest: blogger: Email for business connections :

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