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Portable Podcasting Bag for SD☢P

Well I've finished the portable podcasting bag for Socially Disabled Veterans Podcast and I have to say it's pretty freaking sweet!

This bag took me a good solid week to make. Remember that big hide of leather?... this is what it looked like after I cut it into tiny little pieces. I have enough hide left over to make a notebook , maybe🤷‍♀️

I definitely earned another tandy run! These are the side pockets I stitched on Saint Paddy's Day, hence the lovely pint of Guinness on my desk.

The main piece of the bag with all the cool shit being stitched on.

I had to sneak out to Norseman's camp to get some pictures of the finished bag, he ran off with it as soon as it was finished. Notice the side pockets can easily accommodate a flask or two.

Front of the bag with larger pocket

Back of the bag has a large zippered pocket

Monogrammed nametag

He's more than happy to socially distance himself to save humanity, but I don't think he was very happy to see me encroaching on his safe space😂

Ok, he might have been a little happy to see me. I came bearing beer & bacon!


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1 commentaire

Jonathan Zook
Jonathan Zook
04 août 2020

That is one fucking good looking bag.

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