• angel williams

Sophie bag

My 1st digital pattern was a success! This pattern came from Dieselpunk.ro and I'm now addicted to his amazing designs. As I'm writing this post I have Dieselpunk.ro etsy store opened on my computer and am trying to figure out what new product to make next. I am horrible at making decisions, especially if I have a ton of options.

Shoulder strap is adjustable and bag is stitched with lilac thread and adorned with stainless steel hardware.

Back of the bag

Inside pocket along the back, good spot to keep a small burner 😉

Surprise! The buckles are just for show, bag has magnetic snaps for easy access.... in case you need that burner quickly😂

Seriously though, this was a fun build and I see many more bags in a variety of sizes and styles in my future. My only regret is that I wasted so much beautiful tooling space by leaving this bag natural, I guess there's always next time.🤷‍♀️ I appreciate you checking in to see what I'm up to and thanks for reading my posts💋

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