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A hobo, unlike a bum or a tramp, is more than willing to work, but mostly for a short duration,as their main impetus is travel, the love of the journey above the actual destination.


Handcrafted out of a tough and durable Kodiak leather that is perfect for gear that is going to be regularly exposed to the elements. The pronounced grain and  numbered computerized scar on this leather is attractive and gives character to the Hobo wallet. The Hobo has 2 pockets that can hold approximately 4-6 credit/ID cards and a small hidden stash pocket located under the strap. Thors' Hammer shaped wrap around strap keeps your items safe and secured. The Hobo wallet is designed to be worn on a belt without ever having to "get your wallet out".  When unsnapped HOBO drop down with easy access to your cards while the strap stays secured under your belt, once finished just roll back up and snap into place.  Can also fit comfortably in front or back pocket Handstitched with medium weight , 4 ply twisted and waxed polyester thread.  We at Survival Hardware believe that scars, brands and markings on our leather goods are a thing of beauty. Each and every scar on a hide tells a story and we believe in showcasing those imperfections to honor the animal. Handmade in Idaho, USA.

HOBO Minimalist Leather Wallet (Scarred Kodiak)

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