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No·mad/ˈnōˌmad/nounA person who does not stay long in the same place: a wanderer.

Handcrafted out of tough and durable SB Foot leather that is perfect for gear that is going to be regularly exposed to the elements. The Nomad has 4 pockets that can hold approximately 8-10 credit/ID cards and a small hidden stash pocket located under the strap. Secure the wrap around strap to your belt for a convenient way to carry your wallet. The Nomad wallet is designed to be worn on a belt without ever having to "get your wallet out". When unsnapped Nomad opens for easy acess to your cards while it remains secure on your belt, once finished just roll back up and snap into place, also fits comfortably in front or back pocket. Handmade in Idaho, USA

NOMAD Minimalist Leather Wallet (black/red)

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