Second in command in the kitchen or a chef's assistant.


Handcrafted out of Kodiak Leather that offers superb strength and durability and stands up well to rugged outdoor uses.  The Sous-Chef  Spice kit can hold up to 5 bottles of spices and seasonings  and has an inside pocket to hold your recipes cards.  Pocket can also be used to hold a few condiment packets and/or drink mixes.  The Sous-Chef is ment to be thrown in your pack to help spice up your adventures in the back country.  Lined on the inside with Nightmare Before Christmas fabic. Hand stitched with medium weight, 4 ply twisted and waxed polyester thread.  Comes with 5 empty bottles.  (additional bottles can be purchaed separately) Handmade in Idaho, USA.

Sous-Chef Leather Spice Kit (Nightmare Fabric)

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