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 I (Norseman) am a retired US Marine with multiple combat tours in Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.  I have worked as a Scout Sniper Instructor, Combat Tracking Instructor, Mountain Survival Instructor, International SERE Instructor, Primary Marksmanship Instructor, Motorcycle Instructor and a Winter and Summer Mountain Leader.   I am a machinist by trade and I love working with all things made of metal.  I love to hunt, fish, shoot and ski but my passions are survival and teaching.  I am a graduate of "Royal Tine" big game hunting guide and packing school, and also "Montana Horseman" saddle building school. I am proud to say that I put all of my experience and training into each knife design, and all of my passion into each and every knife that  I build.  

 Angel is Mom, she is the mother of our five children and has been by my side for over 27 years. She has held down the fort and raised our children in my many absences.  Angel is also a graduate of Montana Horseman saddle building school and she is passionate about creating beautiful, functional, and durable; handcrafted leather goods.

Survival Hardware LLC is a small custom knife, tool, and leather goods shop in Northern Idaho.  The entire company consists of David "Norseman" Williams USMC (Ret) as the  blade smith and his wife Angel crafting most if not all of the leather projects.  Over the years many of our customers have become good friends and many of our friends have become customers.  Thank you for visiting our site and taking a brief look at our collective passion. 


One more quick thing! Survival Hardware LLC is just the two of us.  Whether you deal with us over social media, email, phone or in person,  there is no one else.  There is no Survival Hardware factory, warehouse, or fleet of employees, please try to keep that in mind during our interactions.   

In Frith

     -Norseman and Angel

we can be contacted at

Survival Hardware LLC, Limited Warranty

We at SH take our tools very seriously, therefore we use only the best materials and processes that we have at our disposal.  Your Survival Hardware goods are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for life.  If your blade is damaged during normal use contact us for repair or replacement at our option.  This warranty does not extend to goods that have been abused or neglected or experience normal wear.  Throwing, hammering, prying or any use that is not normally performed by a knife is considered abuse, as is rust or damage incidental to neglect.  This warranty extends to all products including leather goods and one-off or custom projects.  In the event of wear or damage that is not covered by this warranty contact us as we may be able to refurbish and "tune up" your Survival Hardware back to its original, or at least functional condition; for a small fee.  ​


Thank you for choosing Survival Hardware LLC


     -Norseman and Angel

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