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That's a wrap!

This will be my last blog post on the Hnefatfle Roll as it is now finished and I am quite happy with the end result.

This Hnefatfle roll is for sale on our website and comes with the glass beads that are pictured.

The tube has plenty of room for more traditional pieces.

As you can see, I got rid of that damn zipper and replaced it with 2 magnetic clasps.

You would think that the gameboard would have given me more trouble than the tube did, but for some reason the simpler the design the more I stuggle with it. Other than making this slightly larger and changing the stamps tooled in it, its pretty close to the original one in my second blog post.

Well that's a wrap folks, thanks for sticking around and joining me on this journey......(half a cow later)!!!😂 Now that this project has ended, I'm off to the next one that is holding my fancy which currently is a new rifle sling design for Norseman to prototype this hunting season.


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